Using European Job Placement Agencies & Search Firms

Europe has dozens of recruiting firms, just like in North America. Some companies are country specific, and some are industry specific, while a few of the larger recruiting firms will be looking for almost every different type of worker for all over Europe. These larger search firms are especially useful if you simply want to work in Europe and are not as fussy about which particular country that happens to be in.

Start by contacting the search firms that are operating in the country where you plan to work, as well as the industry specific firms that cater to your specialization.

Utilizing Recruiting Firms May be a Wise Decision When Looking in Europe

Many of these firms will also be able to give you resume and cover letter advice for the specific country(ies) you are applying in.

The following is a quick list of recruiters broken down by industry specialization. The countries that the firm operates in are mentioned along with the company itself. Note that these are all English language sites. There are many more sites and firms for countries like Germany or France, but the websites are not in English.

General Recruiters



Health Professions


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