Work Exchange Organizations

If you only want to work in Europe for a few months to a year, a work exchange program is an excellent way to achieve that goal. Work exchange programs have made their own reciprocal work exchange agreements with various governments in Europe. What this means is that Americans and Canadians can get work visas that are similar to working holiday visas through the work exchange program. By going through a work exchange, you avoid the hassles of trying to get a work visa since the exchange program will essentially be providing the work visa for you.

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Every work exchange will also provide resources to help you find work in Europe as well as accommodation information and other useful advice. They also will help find you a job in Europe based on the kind of work you want to do.

Of course, help generally comes at a price, and some programs such as BUNAC can be as much as $1,000 for the placement fee. But with that fee comes a visa that might otherwise be extraordinarily difficult to get as well as access to jobs within your field, particularly with some of the internship programs through CDS and AIPT. Below is list of some of the larger work exchange programs.

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