Europe Job Search Strategies

This section gives some valuable advice on how to look for work in Europe as well as tons of links to useful resources both on and off the Web. We’ll show you where to look for European job postings and discuss European placement and recruitment agencies as well as European work exchanges.

European cultures can be quite different from North American culture, so along with information on finding work we’ll talk about communicating with potential European employers. We’ll also provide details on how you need to modify your resume for a European audience and some tips on country specific cover letters and resumes.

Where to Find Job Listings

There are thousands upon thousands of different resources that you can use to find that European job of your dreams.

Searching on the Internet is a Good Way to Find Jobs in Europe

And while the internet has quickly become the most common source for finding jobs all over the world, there are still other tried and true methods of finding postings that don’t involve a computer.

Newspapers are still filled with job postings at both a local and national level. Many newspapers have online versions of their classifieds, even some of the smaller cities. These classified ads can be a great source of jobs if you already know where you want to live.

Magazines and other periodicals also will have some employment ads, although these will be highly specialized according to the catered interests of each magazine. Still, if you have very unique talents that fit a specialized niche, these publications will certainly have more listings for the kind of job you are looking for than the general classifieds in a newspaper.

If you do have a degree from a university, take advantage of that alumni organization that is probably already asking you for donations. Every university maintains an alumni office that provides job listings and contacts with other alumni all over the world. Rather than simply cold calling to organizations in Europe, find alumni who are already working in Europe and contact them.Europe Job Listings graphic It is surprising how much warmer of a response you will get from people for this reason alone; many people have very fond memories of their alma mater.

And of course, there are the countless internet web resources for finding jobs in Europe. There are international job boards, national job boards, recruitment agencies, and more. And we’ll be the first to admit that Job Monkey is not the only place that tries to give you the information you need on working abroad; we just try to be the most useful. But there are many other sites that have a wealth of information and are worth checking out.

The following links are just a small subset of the resources available, but they are the ones that we find the most useful. These links are broken down into the following types:


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