European Specific CVs

Living in North America, it is very easy to get used to the idea of using almost the same type of resume, or curriculum vitae (CV) as it is typically referred to in Europe, no matter where you apply for work. While some differences can be found in resume styles depending on job sector, a resume that is suitable for Utah is generally going to be suitable for Ontario or New York. Historically, that has not been the case in Europe.

Because of the increasing number of cross boarder workers in the EU, there is now an initiative to standardize a CV for job applications anywhere in the EU.

Adjusting your Resume for Europe is Necessary to Remain Competitive

The Europass set of documents are in a recognized format that help to standardize CV style, description of language skills, and education and skill competencies. The templates for the documents are available on the Europass website as well as numerous examples to help you in setting up your own standardized CV. This type of resume is going to be ideal if you are planning on submitting a CV for a number of different countries.

But if you are interested in going to a specific country, it is still best to create a CV that is in the style preferred by businesses of that nation. Each European country has its own specific resume type, from Germany’s comprehensive lebenslauf resume that includes marital information and month by month employment history, to France’s continuing use of handwritten cover letters along with the CV and Greece’s preference for application forms. Take a look at the links provided below that will give information on specific CV styles and advice for different European countries.


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