Becoming a Body Model

A body model sounds like a very strange profession to have, but many models make a lot of money just modeling parts of their bodies that have a special quality to them. Hand models, foot models, leg models and more are used frequently for photographic shoots and films where the producers or directors are looking for someone with beautiful hands, “perfect” feet, or athletic legs.

Hand Model doing Phone Shoot with Painted Finger Nails

Depending on what is required for the specific campaign, you can have thin legs, old hands, skinny legs or even weird looking feet. Becoming a body model can also lead to other types of modeling if you maintain a good figure and look which casting directors and agents will notice.

The most famous of the body modeling jobs that you will come across and that are probably more challenging to get into are the foot and hand models. This kind of model must have manicured hands and feet that will be able to sell shoes, nail polish, cream and a variety of other products and services. These models are highly sought after and while the competition is tough, there is a lot of demand for unique and great looking hands and feet. Hand models have to have soft, “unworked” hands, so many hand models swear by not lifting or carrying heavy items, doing any kind of household work and not exposing them to harsh weather conditions.

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Another part of the body that is frequently modeled and needed for modeling shoots is the legs. Legs are associated with tall models and give off an impression of fitness, length and something that attracts men. Legs can sell lots of products including stockings, bathing products, creams and lotions, razors and much more. To be a leg model, having shapely legs is a must and you will need to keep them moisturized, waxed and free from any blemishes or varicose veins.

Body modeling does not stop there, so if you want to break into the modeling world and all you have to offer are pretty ears, then there is no need to back down. Go to an agent and inquire about body modeling. Perfect ears may be required for jewelry ad campaigns, mobile phones and more. Even having an interesting, character face is helpful. Sometimes companies are just looking for ordinary looking, “real” people who will be able to reach out to the masses and make a connection. Not everyone needs the model look as such.

Men are also part of this category of modeling and many men can become face, hand, foot and even leg models. Men are also used for upper body modeling and this will usually be to promote a health product or sports brand. You will need to have toned, flat abs, and well built shoulders.

Body modeling is no different to any other type of modeling and while most of the work will be photographic or film based, you may also get the odd live exhibition showing for jewelry or other products like the latest mobile phones.

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