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If taking photographs is your passion, there are ways that you can turn this into a real career opportunity by becoming a fashion model photographer. Photography is generally thought of as a hobby, but if you take the time to study and invest in some professional equipment, you can turn this hobby into a full time job. The biggest industry where photographers are needed is in the modeling world and you can land jobs taking photos for magazines, fashion shows, ad agencies, model’s portfolios, fashion designers and more. What will you need to become a great fashion model photographer?

Fashion Photographer doing Photo Shoot with Female Model
  • A keen eye for fashion, color, light, texture and fabrics
  • A keen sense of image and style
  • A passion for taking stunning photos
  • A qualification or relevant study for all the technical knowledge
  • Creativity and the ability to capture the model at his or her best

Aside from the above, you must be able to offer your clients the most comfortable and creative spaces possible. Many ad agencies and modeling agencies will have their own photography room for you to use, but sometimes they will want you to have your own studio. Your studio must feel warm and relaxing, so that the models can perform for the camera and really feel at ease. Modeling for a camera is not easy and some models might be tense and shy at first, especially if they are new to the industry. Your job is to make them feel at home and let go of any fears.

There are stories of photographers who take advantage of models by getting them to pose for nude shots and more. This is highly unethical and if you want to stay away from this stigma, you will have to win the modeling agents and models over with your reliability and trustworthiness. It is right for them to be suspicious of you at first, but don’t take offense. Rather build up solid relationships with the agents who will then begin sending their models to you.

If you want to make it in any business as a photographer, people will need to see how good you are and the only way to do this is to have a professional portfolio. The portfolio must be made up into a presentable package with your best photographs. If you have never taken any models headshots and portraits before, the best way is to ask people to model for your portfolio. You can choose if you want to get some friends to pose for you, but the best shots will more than likely come with a professional model who knows how to play to the camera. You can choose to pay a model for this, or you can try to request a trade exchange with a newer agency, where they will get a new model’s headshots done by you.

The best place to start in your career as a modeling photographer is at an agency, where you will serve as the in-house modeling agency photographer. This will build up trust and allow you to get a lot more experience and exposure. After you have done this for a few years, you can then choose to open your own photographic studio and freelance to various modeling and advertising agencies.

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