Photographic Modeling Jobs

To make it into the highly competitive world of photographic modeling you need to have something special that defines you and that people will love when they see you in a magazine or catalogue. You should have a unique look, interesting bone structure and appealing eyes. Anyone can have these qualities and it becomes the job of the agent to correctly see the potential in young girls and guys that are interviewed.

Beautiful Female Model Poses for Photo

They will be looking for how well you play to the camera, and although this is taught in a series of courses, you will need to have a natural affinity for the camera and a certain confidence about you that comes through in your work. When you start out, you may find that camera work sounds a lot easier than it is, and being surrounded by photographers, make up artists, hair stylists and other crew while you have to hold lots of strange poses, you may feel a little awkward.

This kind of photography will need you to learn make up skills for both black and white photography and color photography. At most of the photo shoots you will have all of this done for you, but if you get called to a casting or for your portfolio shots, you should go there fully prepared with the correct make up applied. While photographic models are usually fit and slim, you do not have to be of any particular height. This is also the normal place for young models and child models to start out.

Depending on the type of shoot and what it is for, you can actually be of any height, weight, size, shape and age. Being comfortable in front of a camera is the most important thing. If you are naturally photogenic, this will be an easy career to step into. There are however, the negative aspects to photographic modeling.

Many young girls have been caught up in pornographic or nude shots by accident and certain photographers will also take a chance and ask you to lower your top or lift your skirt as part of a shoot. If you ever feel uncomfortable you are allowed to just leave. It will not damage your career and if you have a good agent, he or she will make sure they follow up on the claims you have made.

Lingerie modeling and some kinds of swimwear modeling falls under a different category to traditional photographic modeling, which we will cover a bit later on, but if you have told your agent that you will not do these types of shoots, they will respect your wishes. There is no such thing as getting into the industry by taking your clothes off. This is a personal choice.

Catherine Faulkner warns of some encounters with model photographers, “My agent always told me to stand my ground and if there was ever a time that a photographer asked me to lower my top to get a better headshot, I was to say no. The minute you go too far, it becomes a nude shot that he can exploit you with.” Usually an agent will have her list of photographers to use for portfolio shots and castings that she trusts and knows.

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