Fashion and Entertainment Industry Jobs for Models

I’m sure you have seen models that go from one job to another in the entertainment and fashion fields. Models become actresses, open boutiques, start fashion labels, create perfumes, and design handbags. The world is at your feet once you become a model and even if you are not famous, there are still lots of other job opportunities and career paths that you can take once your modeling jobs come to an end or slow down.

Runway Model Walking Runway at Fashion Show

Modeling gives you the unique advantage of being at the pinnacle of the fashion evolutions and trends in society. You will be exposed to various new colors, trends, looks, styles and fabrics before anyone else and this you can start using to your advantage. If you are a model that loves fashion, you can branch off into running and organizing fashion shows and events. You can become a fashion coordinator or even a stylist for other people who need someone with an expert eye and knowledge of the latest fashions.

When you become older and no longer suitable to model down the runway or even appear in that many adverts, you can use your photographic skills to teach others. You can hold your own modeling courses and classes on deportment to give young girls and guys more confidence. This can lead to plenty of work with agencies and even for fashion shows and designers.

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Most people will turn to the business side of the modeling world when they are no longer suitable for modeling themselves. This means that they will become an agent. This can be a thrilling career change and you are at an advantage because you understand exactly what models want from an agent and how to best represent your database of models.

If you become even better known and want to really make an impact, you can open any number of companies which will be a great investment. You can use your name for clothing brands, handbags and other accessories and even for jewelry. Most experts in the manufacture of these items will be only too happy to have you as a partner because it will be great exposure for their products, and for you it will give you a simple, brilliant business that appeals to you.

Other jobs that can lead from modeling are those in the line of cosmetics. You can work with companies to create a perfume brand, and if you are not too well known for this you can still work on a make up range for models, beauty treatments that models use which will be great for the public and lots of other concepts. The best way to become a make up artist for models is to develop contacts with cosmetic companies and to network with agencies.

Your modeling career should be what you are focusing on right now and once you have started in this industry you can opt to branch off into something else or keep modeling until your career ends. The life of a model is not a very long one, but it also depends on how well you age and how good your body looks. Once you get older you can also shift your modeling focus to part modeling where they usually require all ages of hands and feet, and there are some ad campaigns that look for older more mature models for certain products.

Tips to Make your Modeling Career Last

When you go into the modeling industry you should be aware that there are many other models trying to push in as well. In order to keep getting work and stay at the top, you must have a certain quality about you, a camera presence and that X factor. Here are some tips for keeping yourself at the top of your game:

  • Exercise all the time to stay fit and keep your body looking great.
  • Get plenty of rest when you can to keep your skin healthy.
  • Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetable and drink plenty of water, as part of your healthy eating plan to keep your skin clear and body in top condition.
  • Use the best skincare products to keep your face young, blemish free and beautiful.
  • Use the best body lotions and treatments for specific areas if you are a hand or foot model.
  • Have frequent hair trims and treatments if you are a hair model.
  • Keep growing and evolving as a model and as a person.
  • Learn all the time and read as much as you can.
  • Keep your eye on the latest fashion trends to always look great.
  • Update your portfolio all the time.
  • Take a refresher modeling course every few years.
  • Look for unique and interesting opportunities in the business.
  • Attend as many fashion and modeling events as you can and meet as many people as you can.
  • Most importantly, just be natural and use your good looks and charm through the camera to win people over.

These are just some of the main things you can do to prolong your modeling career and ensure that you get as many of the best modeling jobs there are. Looking after yourself is the best way to keep earning money as a model, because your body is your tool in this business. Good luck in your endeavors and we’ll see you on the runway!

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