Hair Modeling Jobs

If you have silky smooth, soft hair that falls in all the right places and looks stunning no matter what, then you may just have what it takes to get hair modeling jobs for hair products and salons. You can have any style, cut, color and texture of hair and as long as it is in the best possible condition, you will be used for plenty of photographic shoots and promotions. The health of your hair is the most important thing when you want to be a hair model, and you can be a great hair model whether you are a male or a female.

Hair Model Flings Hair during Photo Shoot for a National Brand of Shampoo

Keeping your hair in the ultimate condition is necessary even before you go to an agent, so the first thing to do is to have it professionally cut and maintained for a few months before joining an agency. You should have it trimmed regularly to avoid split ends and use various recommended treatments on it.

Hair models will be used frequently for shampoo and conditioner commercials on television as well as in photographic shoot for print ads, but they can also be used for gels and hairdryer promotions, relaxers, curling irons, hair toners and dyes and much more. Sometimes a model with great hair will also be used in commercials linked to health and looking beautiful.

Other types of work that a hair model can get are shoots for salons and hair catalogs. Usually the model will have to have his or her hair cut especially for the shoot, normally by the salon it is for. Hair models are required to keep their hair the same length and color once you have done a portfolio. If you make any changes to it, namely in the length and color you will need to update your portfolio so that your agent can submit you for jobs that are aimed at your specific hair type, color and length.

Male hair models will normally have long hair that is styled in a fashionable way to create an effect for a salon or hair product, but you don’t have to have longer hair to become a male hair model. The great condition of your hair or something unique about it, can qualify you.

The best bet, once you hair is in tip top shape, is to visit a reliable agent who will be able to tell you if you have what it takes or not. They are normally pretty straight forward with you and won’t tell you that you have potential if you don’t.

Hair modeling can also follow the trend of hair styling for fashion shows and competitions. You can easily find tons of hair stylists and professional hair artists that are looking for models to use in events to show off their hair styling talents. This kind of work will need you to have a certain length or color of hair depending on what the hair artist wants, so most of the work you get from this will just be purely luck.

When you list your services with an online resource like you will have to provide information about your hair texture (course, fine, curly, straight) and what kind of chemical processes you have had done like perms, coloring, and chemical straighteners. Just about anyone can become a hair model, so give it a try first if you are thinking about breaking into the modeling world to see how you like it.

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