Range Showing Model Jobs

If you have the right figure and are tall enough, as with the ramp modeling, you will also get work as a range showing model. This type of modeling will require you to only work for a day from about 8 am to 5 pm and any overtime will be paid extra for. Your job will be to model the outfits for boutique and clothing store buyers. You will work with the designer to ensure that the fit and cut of the garment is perfect and you will usually be asked to come in a few times so that your outfits can be fitted correctly to give the best impression to the buyers.

Range Showing Model Working on Clthing Fit Sizing

Most of the time, there will be a makeup and hair stylist there to keep you looking great as you change outfits quite a lot with the range showing. You will usually show the fall range during the previous summer and visa versa, so you should be prepared to get very hot in the summer and freezing in the winter.

Catherine Faulkner recalls that range showing is very tiring and can become quite tedious. “It is not like a fashion show where you are working on pure adrenaline and there are lights, cameras and an audience. The range showing will take a lot of patience and effort, but it pays well, especially if some buyers are late and you get overtime.”

You will model the clothing that the buyers pick out for the showing and you will then be required to step forward so that they can inspect the garments. They will check for the weight and feel of the fabric, look at the trimmings, seams, cut and fit. To become a range showing model you will also need to go into the modeling course that is offered by your agency and this will give you tips for standing, posing and getting through a long day.

While this may seem like one of the most boring aspects of modeling it is also probably the safest in terms of shady photographers and drugs in ramp work. You also have a set time to go to work every day and is perfect if you have a family already and don’t want to travel or stay up all hours of the night.

For this type of modeling you don’t necessarily need to be pretty, but you will need to have a good figure. It does not have to be wafer thin, but must be healthy and show off any kind of clothes well. You can do this type of modeling from a teenager and if you want to make extra money you can model for both when you get to the right age.

“I used to model the teenager clothing on some days and then I would ask to model the adult clothing as well when I got to the age of about 17. I could pull off both looks being tall and with natural make up I looked younger," Cathy explains. Girls and guys looking at modeling should not dismiss this part of the job, because there are some great opportunities for your career and gives you some great experience and teaches you quick change as well as patience.”

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