Becoming a Modeling Agent

If you are not the modeling type, or you feel that your energy would be better spent in becoming a reputable and responsible agent for models of all kinds, you can become a modeling agent. There are a number of things that you will need in order to start your own modeling agency, and to make sure that models and casting companies feel that your agency is responsible enough, you should follow everything to the tee.

Modeling Agent working on her computer to Book Modeling Gigs for her Clients

You will find that most agents are former models that decided to take a new path in their careers, or they found that they enjoyed the stability of the agent’s life. This is not always the case though, and with some agents you will find that they are just very talented organizers who enjoy the modeling and entertainment business. Not every model can be an agent and not all agents are models.

A modeling agent must be a hardy character to keep all his or her models and photographers, casting agents and directors in check. He or she must be able to communicate effectively and provide excellent opportunities for all the models on the database. This type of career might require a degree in media and communications as well as an insight into the media and fashion industry.

A modeling agent will need to have knowledge about fashion, modeling, photography, shows and events, marketing, management, advertising and much more. It is a job that does not usually just happen overnight and normally to become a qualified, reputable agent, you will need to have made a name for yourself in the modeling industry through some other means, or by working with another agent until you are ready to go solo.

In this business it is all about who you know and what contacts you have. This will be the difference between a successful agency, and one that goes nowhere. You need to get out there and meet people, be outgoing and make impressions. The best modeling agents and agencies are known by their names alone.

Elite Model Management, for example, is the biggest and most famous in the world and was started in Paris, France in 1972. This agency has grown to such an extent that it now offers its own contest for new model hopefuls and they offer representation to more than 800 models all over the world including many of the top supermodels in the world such as Gisele Bundchen, Tyra Banks, Cindy Crawford, Kirsten Dunst, Uma Thurman, Josie Maran and more.

To get your agency into the international league you will need to have lots of contacts, understand the industry extremely well and be able to offer your models the best kind of representation possible. Starting your own agency will take a lot of hard work, patience and many years of working in the fashion and modeling industry.

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