What to Expect at a Casting Call

Casting calls are the various films and television commercials, catalogues and magazine shoots that you will be called to audition for.

Scruffy Male Model Poses for Photo

Sometimes when the directors or corporate agents do not have a specific model in mind, they will want to see lots of models in order to choose the best one to suit their branding or campaign. While many can just get chosen by their agency photographs, certain shoots, film and television will want acting skills to be shown. Sometimes these casting calls will have models and actors audition although you don’t need to have acting skills as such to do these types of shoots. They will be after a specific look more than how well you can act.

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Here is what you can expect when you go to a casting call:

  • You will need to take your modeling headshot or portfolio with you.
  • You will need to fill in a form when you arrive that will ask you questions about your age, sizes, what agency you are with, contact numbers for the agency and other details that pertain to the job they are casting.
  • You will have to wait for a long time to be seen. Usually you are given a number as you arrive and this will indicate the order in which you are seen. Every casting is different and sometimes you might be called in a group and sometimes one at a time.
  • You should never leave the venue of the casting. If you miss getting called, you will not have another chance and your name will be scratched from the list. This is also the case if you are given an audition time and are late. Never be late!
  • Once you are called you will be expected to either enter a room with casting directors or a photographer. They will ask you a few questions and explain what you have to do. You will either be required to act a scene out, walk somewhere, or just have some photos taken. Once you go in you will not be there for very long.
  • After your casting you can leave. Any queries, call backs (asking you to come and audition again, after narrowing down the list of candidates), or bookings will be done through your agent and he or she will keep you informed of what is happening.
    You must never contact the casting directors or agents directly.


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