Child Model Jobs

Starting modeling at a young age such as when you are a baby or toddler is great fun and can bring in some additional funds which are usually used towards the child’s education. Many parents choose to enroll their child at an agent for this purpose and to expose their child to the marketplace out there. Many children who take up modeling and acting at a young age like this do not normally follow through into teen modeling and adult modeling, but sometimes they do.

Child Model posed During Photo Shoot

The likelihood of success in child modeling will depend a lot on the agent and parents. If you push your child too hard, you can put them off the whole concept and if you have a poor agent, your child might not get as many casting calls as they should. Casting a baby is a very tricky business and usually the mother or father or both is cast with them. You should also be in the modeling business for this or join up as well for these types of shoots only.

A toddler aged child is also difficult to involve in photo shoots because they tend to want to run around and play. Ideally these are the types of shoots that you want and you have every right to turn down a casting or two that you don’t like the sound of.For films and television sets, a toddler will only be used when they are a bit older from about 4 years old so that they can take some kind of direction.

When kids become a bit older from the age of 5 to 12, they are ready for the more challenging modeling roles and can even be used in some fashion shows. Children are always given rules and regulations regarding the amount of time on set and the amount of breaks they get. If a very small baby or child is to be used, the casting directors might even request twins or triplets to audition so that they can rest properly while still getting the same amount of shooting time out of the day.

Children who want to start modeling can do so by joining a child agent and these agents are normally very clued up as to what will happen and what is allowed at a casting or shoot / show for children. The best bet is to find the biggest or second biggest, most reputable child modeling agency out there. Even if they have tons of children on their books, they will also have the biggest clients, so you know your child will get work. Preparing your child for going to an agency is also important and you should remind them to be on their best behavior.

Getting them ready to see an agent for the first time, you should not over dress them or put any make up on them. They must look natural and feel comfortable in what they are wearing so that their personalities shine through, which is what you want. Boys can also sign up for modeling jobs through a casting agent and from here they can also branch out into full time adult modeling or acting. Children are hardly ever turned down in the modeling world, as all types of children are required for various jobs, so if you think your child has the right personality and camera presence, then you can find a qualified agent and enroll them. Remember that you should not pay any upfront fees for joining. Your agent will only get paid a commission for the work they get your child. Any portfolio fees will be taken off their first job.

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