What to Expect on a Fashion Shoot

Getting chosen for your first magazine or fashion shoot is an exciting time in any models life and while you are nervous for your first day in the studio, you must also remember that this will show through in your work. You should try some techniques to remain as calm and unnerved as possible.

Fashion Photographer doing Photo Shoot with Female Model

If you found this page and are interested in fashion photography jobs then check out our Photography Careers Section. To make things a bit easier and less stressful, here is what will be expected of you when you go to your first photographic fashion shoot:

  • Once again, be on time, or preferably 10 minutes early.
  • You will be clearly told what to wear if anything specific is required and you will also be told to come with or without make-up depending on if there will be a make-up artist there or not.
  • You should be prepared to spend the entire day there and sometimes you might even work into the night depending on the urgency of the shoot and if they get the right shots they need or not. Your day can last 12 hours or longer. Find out from your agent about the overtime policies on photographic shoots.
  • You might be expected to change into different outfits throughout the day and wear clothing that is given to you by the agency or company in charge of the shoot. It could be for a fashion magazine, catalogue or clothing store branding.
  • You could be required to be in a studio or in another location for the shoot such as on the beach, at a park, in a factory, field, street, parking lot or anywhere else. There should be professional crews and equipment there so that you have a place to change like a tent or caravan, and you will have portable toilets to use for the day.
  • The day can be very tiring, so ensure that you bring water and anything else you might want like a book or music, just in case you have some free time. There is normally a catering table there where you can help yourself to fruit and something to drink and you should also be provided with a breakfast and lunch.
  • Fashion shoots and photographic modeling sessions will involve a photographer, lighting assistant, hair and make up, dresser and maybe one or two other crew members. There are not usually a lot of people there.
  • Acting for the camera will be expected, which you will have learnt about in your modeling training course. Listen carefully to what the photographer wants and just go with the feeling and vision that he or she has. If they want you to do something that you feel uncomfortable with, like something sexual in nature or to wear a revealing outfit, you do not have to comply. Rather contact your agent.
  • A child model will not have to be on a shoot for a very long time and a parent is usually allowed to come with the child.
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