Pros and Cons of the Modeling Industry

Models are considered to be glamorous people who lead a glamorous life, but when you look at their careers closely you will see that not everything is about glamour and stardom. Most models are just doing a job like anyone else to pay their bills and make a living.

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The negative aspects of modeling include:

  • Not getting paid a lot of money at the beginning.
  • You may not have work for a few weeks which will also reduce your finances dramatically.
  • You will have to diet all the time to remain trim and healthy.
  • You must also make sure you exercise which is negative if you hate exercising.
  • Most of the work involves long hours, lots of standing, and having to pose for the camera all day.
  • It can become boring and tiring depending on the job you are doing and how often you are needed. You can spend all day on a movie set and only shoot your scene for an hour.

The positive side to modeling is that:

  • You can be included in fashion and cosmetics.
  • You have the chance to meet many interesting people.
  • You can become famous and internationally recognized.
  • If you work hard, you have the opportunity to earn lots of money.
  • You can be the first to wear fabulous designer clothes, shoes, and accessories.
  • You can get a personal trainer and dietician to help you keep in shape.
  • You get to do something that you love as your career.

Photographer Jobs

Photography is associated with being artistic and creative and is seen by most people to be a great career if you are good at it. While this is true, photography also has some aspects to it that might not be your cup of tea. You will have to weigh these up against each other before deciding to become a fashion photographer for models.

The negative points are:

  • Long hours shooting, processing, and editing your work.
  • Spending days in uncomfortable working conditions like battling the elements while you try to get the perfect shots.
  • Limited creativity when doing portraits, headshots and simple fashion shoots.
  • There is quite a lot of stress involved.

The positive side includes:

  • Doing something you enjoy.
  • Getting opportunities to further your career so you can build up a reputation that will expand your creative boundaries.
  • Meeting interesting people.
  • Being part of the fashion process, and changing trends.

Modeling Agents

To be at the center of the fashion and modeling world is to be a modeling agent and this part of the industry has many ups and downs along with its power to make or break a career.

The negative sides of being a modeling agent are:

  • Lots of stress with planning bookings, and managing models and photographers.
  • Competition with other agents and constantly trying to outdo them.
  • Dealing with all the problems that arise from any modeling job.
  • Huge capital outlay if you are opening your own agency.

The advantages of being a modeling agent are:

  • You get to run bookings, manage models and be in charge of large accounts.
  • You will earn a good salary that is stable and constant every month, even though you only get paid the commission from the models jobs.
  • You have normal office hours unless there is an emergency.

Make-up Artists for Models

Studying to be a make up artist will allow you to get into various jobs including doing make-up for movies, commercials, stills shoots, and fashion shows where you will be dealing with models. This section of the industry offer various pros and cons.

The cons include:

  • Long hours doing and retouching make-up for models.
  • Uninteresting natural make-up for many photographic shoots.
  • Very fast changes of make-up for some fashion shows.
  • Working in uncomfortable conditions some of the time with limited resources like proper lighting.

The pros for modeling make up are:

  • Doing fun makeup for some movies and fashion shows.
  • Meeting interesting people and getting your name known in the industry.
  • Your work will be seen worldwide for many campaigns.
  • Good remuneration earned, especially for film and TV work.

Hair Stylists for Models

Doing models hair for fashion shows and shoots is something that people forget and you have probably the most unrecognized job in the fashion world. It is still an exciting career choice that will offer great rewards.

The cons include:

  • Very quick changes of hair for fashion shows and events.
  • Simple hair for certain shoots that you might find boring.
  • Long hours of work where you will be mostly touching up hair all day.

The pros are that:

  • You get to work with great people.
  • You can get to be in locations, and interesting places instead of in a salon.
  • You have the opportunity to do creative styles for certain photos, film and TV.
  • You get paid very well for doing something that you love.

In every job you will find the pros and cons and if you are interested in pursuing a career in one of these modeling industry categories you will just have to be aware of the cons that are involved, before making a final decision.

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