Cook Jobs in the Fast Food Industry

Some people have a passion for working in a food service establishment that provides tasty quick food on the go. Working in a fast food may be the perfect place to get a cook job. There are various jobs in a fast food outlet that you can get in be involved in a very fast paced, but exciting industry. Fast food cooks are usually involved in the making and preparing of food like burgers, sandwiches, fried items, pancakes, and other small meals that are sold over the counter, at a diner, or at a drive through. The idea of fast food is to give people food in a hurry, so you have to have a special skill for cooking good food in a hurry as fast food cooks.

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Here are some of the positions you can hold in the fast food industry:

Fast Food Short Order Cooks: The short order cooks are in charge of the production of the food in the kitchen. They make all of the orders that come through and have to do it very quickly. Usually there are a few short order cooks at the larger food service establishment places and many they all have to make the food in exactly the same way. They have to know the portions and amounts of each ingredient to use for the menu. Under the short order cook, you can also have a line cook and grill cook in certain diners, and fast food outlets.

Food Preparers: The food preparers have to make sure that all the ingredients are ready for each shift and that there is enough for each main rush, so that the short order cooks never run out. The food preparers will also assist the fast food cooks when they have a lot of orders by fetching, carrying, garnishing and preparing the packaging for certain meals. Food preparers will also be involved in pouring and making the beverages in some fast food outlets.

Food Service Manager: The food service establishment that you work for will sometimes have a few managers for each section, but sometimes there will just be one manager. As the manager in a fast food outlet, just like any food service establishment, you will need to be in control of every aspect of the kitchen and see to it that everything is done correctly and safely. You will need to check on the stock and keep the finances in order as well as ensure that hygiene and health codes are not violated. You should keep track of employee shifts and payments and also see to it that customer relations are maintained.

Each part of the fast food industry is, well, fast, and this requires each and every employee to be focused and efficient during every shift. You have to prepare and present food quickly and ensure that it also tastes great. Many of the fast food restaurants and diners have ready-made foods that are supplied directly and will only need chefs to recreate the foods on the menu. It is up to the managers at these fast food places to teach the short order cooks and food preparers what to do, and they will also need to have a background in food.

The places that you will find fast food cook jobs as a short order cook, line cook, grill cook, food preparer, fast food chef, or fast food manager is in a diner, fast food restaurant, drive through outlets, coffee shops, and cafes. While these work environments are stressful and fast, you will also find that many of them are casual and relaxed and offer a warm and welcoming environment. You have more freedom and are able to explore your chef talents more, as you will be more likely offered a chance to create new items for the menu of majorly famous fast food chains, which will give you a brilliant opportunity to make a hugely successful chef or cook career.

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