Specialized Chef Jobs

When you start out your training to be a chef or cook, you rarely think about specializing in a certain type of cuisine, but there are very successful chefs that just cook certain cuisine, and there is a huge demand for specialized chefs in the hospitality industry.

Specialized Chef Positions are Rare and Competitive

Some chefs will become specialized in food from the country that they are native to and this is a great way to express yourself and cook food that is close to your heart. For example, the Japanese and other Asian chefs love to cook and prepare sushi and you very rarely see a non-Asian making sushi in a restaurant. This is because the traditional dish uses secret recipes and cooking tips that have been passed down through the generations and use ingredients that are native to their country.

If you think about any specialized chef jobs are usually picked up by native chefs, so why not specialize in cooking food that is native to your country or that you have ancestral ties to, such as Italian cuisine, Greek cuisine, South African cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Brazilian cuisine, and more. For Italian cuisine, you will need to have the passion for food that a true Italian does and learn to use the native ingredients in the exact way that they are meant to in Italy.

The Chinese cuisine is mainly rice and noodle dishes with sweet and sour pork, chicken and other vegetables. The Chinese also make special spring rolls and dessert items like bow ties. Cooking Chinese cuisine requires a certain art and technique that many non-Chinese chefs will not understand. The same goes for Brazilian cuisine, South African cuisine and Greek cuisine. There are certain dishes that you will not find anywhere else in the world and certain ingredients that you will also not find easily outside of those countries. In South Africa for example, you can get impala and kudu dishes, crocodile, buffalo, and ostrich, with chakalaka sauce and pap. In Greece, you will find interesting desserts and baked foods and ingredients like bechamel sauce, bougatsa, loukoumades, and more.

Using the traditional ingredients makes cooking these meals that much harder and if you don’t understand the culture and traditional recipes that have been passed down, it can be very hard to specialize in a cuisine that you don’t know much about. The best way to get a specialized chef job is to specialize in food that you know from the country that you are from. Specialized chefs are usually in demand in restaurants that have a specific country theme like Italian, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, or Brazilian among others. Learning to cook in the specific styles will also require some un-training, as it were, and the following of age-old recipes to get the perfect specialized dishes that you require.

Specialized chef jobs are found in every country, so if you are just a specialized chef when it comes to American or British cuisine, then you can find exciting jobs in other countries where your skills can be highly appreciated. You might be able to find a more high-end job overseas where your chef skills are really in demand for the top of the line hotels and international restaurants. JobMonkey has an excellent section on working abroad in countries all over the world. Not sure about passports and visas? Get the answers.

Sometimes, specialized chef jobs are wanted that ask you to specialize in a few different food styles. For example, there are many restaurants that offer Asian cuisine, which means that you have to be comfortable and talented with Indian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Thai cuisine. Whatever cuisine you specialize in, you can be sure that you will find the perfect chef jobs anywhere in the world. The more you know about other cultures and different cuisines, the better it will be for your career opportunities.

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