Other Hotel Jobs

Finding a job in the perfect career is not easy and sometimes you will have to settle for something in the same industry at least, like in the hotel business.

If you cannot find a job as a chef in a hotel, then you can also start out as a salesperson for the hotel or a food and beverage manager. If you have previous experience in working at a hotel as a chef or cook manager, you can also get an interesting job of being a conference or banqueting manager. This job will involve lots of collaboration and working with the kitchen, so a background in cooking and foods is a must. It is also a great chance for you to show off some of the more creative talents that you have.

Searching in the Hotel Business can Give you a Quality Start If Chef Jobs aren't an Option

By the way, if working in a hotel kitchen is of interest then think about beach resort jobs, which are also covered on JobMonkey.

The hotel staff also consists of a night manager who will make sure that the night staff members of the hotel are working correctly and they are available in case any of the guests have an emergency in the middle of the night. The next member of hotel staff is the guest service manager. The guest service manager will be responsible for making the guests comfortable and happy throughout their stay at the hotel. The guest service manager and the night manager will need to have some training in hospitality and management, as well as other aspects you might encounter in this kind of career, such as language skills, accounting or bookkeeping, event coordinating, and more.

There are various other hotel jobs that you get such as the leisure staff, reception team, hotel porter, and housekeeping. These are all people and teams that you will need to work with and get on within a hotel. The hotel staff can be quite large and depending on the size of the hotel, you will also have different teams and sections of staff members. As a chef or working in the kitchen of a hotel you will need to work with housekeeping, the hotel porter, the management of the establishment like the night manager and the guest service manager, as well as the conference or banqueting manager.

Working with the event coordinator in a hotel is very important as you will be doing the catering for all the hotel’s events including weddings, conferences, birthdays and more. Your relationship with the conference or banqueting manager, event coordinator and the managers must be a good and complimentary one for the successful running of the hotel. When you are the executive chef at the hotel you will also be dealing with the food and beverage manager, so you have to really organize your kitchen and menu very well for each day, along with any events that you and your cooking team have to cater for. As an aside, if you’re looking for a little seasonal fun consider cooking for a dude ranch or wilderness lodge in Alaska for the summer.

Each job that you have in a hotel environment requires a lot of teamwork just as you would have in a restaurant. Everyone needs to make sure that they are doing what their job description requires of them, and as a member of the kitchen staff, either as the executive chef or one of the other chefs or cooks, you have to bring across the feel and quality of the hotel through your food and work with the other members of hotel staff very well to give the guests a warm and welcoming, friendly vibe.

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