Other Restaurant Jobs

There are a number of other jobs that you have to take into account when you open your own restaurant or get a job working at a restaurant.

Restaurant Kitchen Staff Preparing Salads for Customers

You have the floor manager, bar manager, front of house, maître d’, or concierge that you have to know and learn to work with, even though you are in the kitchen most of the time. The floor manager will sometimes check in on you if the order is taking too long and will also come into the kitchen to check up with the waitrons. The bar manager might be needed by you if you require some products for your meals from the bar. You might need wine for sauces, liqueurs and brandies for puddings among other things, which is why you have to get to know and work with the bar manager.

The restaurant management might also consist of a general manager who will be in charge of the entire restaurant and will sometimes run the front of house / reception area. The general manager might also be solely in the office doing admin work and sorting out finances. The front of house / reception can also be run by a single person hired for this job and they will be responsible for making bookings, answering the phone, emailing, checking certain details with the floor manager about the seating arrangements, sending patrons to the correct waitrons and seats, and working with the restaurant management about anything else that the business needs marketing or publicity wise.

Another restaurant job is the restaurant training manager which is an employee that is part of the restaurant management. Sometimes the training of the staff will fall onto each section, ie. The bar manager and the floor manager, but at the larger, busy restaurants where everyone is busy, there will be a restaurant training manager to train all the members of staff including the kitchen staff, assistant chefs and cooks, front of house / reception, to be a concierge, waitron, or barman.

The concierge is normally the person that meets and greets the customers and who will go around and check on each table throughout the evening. They are there to make the guests feel at ease and welcomed into the restaurant. The concierge is also called the maître d’, and in small establishments they can also be called the host or the headwaiter.

When you start working at a restaurant you will have to get to know all the jobs that you find in a restaurant and learn to work with everyone in the establishment, not just with the chefs and cooks in your kitchen. Running a successful business, especially a restaurant is all about teamwork and knowing your team in the kitchen as well as on the floor or at the bar will help you a great deal to fit in and serve the best food and do the best job you can possibly do.

Learning to work with the restaurant management is quite a tough jobs for many chefs and cooks, but as a head chef, executive chef, sous chef or kitchen manager, you have to be able to work together and convey any details and thoughts from your section to the other member of restaurant management. This is to ensure that any critiques from the customers get to you in the kitchen, or any ideas you have about the kitchen that will help the bar or the floor. Ideally, every restaurant should have a detailed management meeting every week, and a short daily meeting to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

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