Cooking Jobs at Restaurants

The restaurant industry is a fast-paced world where most of the staff must work long hours and deal with a lot of stress. Running the kitchen of a restaurant can get chaotic and you will need to have strong leadership skills and organizational skills. Getting a restaurant job is fairly easy, as you will always find the need for another chef at any restaurant, whether it is for a head chef, demi chef, operations manager, or waitrons. Depending on the type of restaurant you work at, you can expect a good to excellent chef salary, and you can apply for a sous chef or head chef / master chef right away if you have 3-5 years of experience in the position you are applying for.

New York Restaurant with Two Michelin Stars

Master Chef / Head Chef: The master chef runs the kitchen and can also be called the kitchen or chef manager, and head restaurant cook. You will be in charge of the kitchen including expenses, waste removal, the other chefs, assistant, and food preparation workers. You will also train any new kitchen staff and chef and report directly to the operations manager.

Operations Manager: The operations manager of a restaurant has the important job of making sure that the restaurant runs perfectly when there are customers and that it receives a good turn-over of people. You will oversee the kitchen staff and liaise with the head chef. You will check on the other restaurant jobs including the waitrons, floor, bar and front of house. The operations manager is in charge of the entire restaurant and will cover everything including the finances and ordering or products for the owners. No cooking skills are required as such, but you should be able to perform basic tasks in the kitchen to help the head chef if needed, the grillers, the bar and front of house.

Grillers: The grillers are a very necessary part of a restaurant that serves burgers, steaks, and other meats steak house style. Restaurant jobs offered for grillers are found at most family restaurants and grill houses, but some five-star, upmarket restaurants also need grillers, so you can apply at lots of places for this restaurant job.

Demi Chef: The demi chef at a restaurant has the role of assisting the sous chef or the chef de partie. The demi chef must make sure that all the food going out is perfect and must also make sure that their stations are clean and that all the waste is minimized. You will need to have a passion for the food that is being created and sometimes you will also have to assist with training new chefs and food preparation workers.

Sous Chef Jobs: The sous chef or chef de partie is the second in command and will take over the running of the kitchen if the head chef is not there. The sous chef will be responsible for making the majority of the main courses for the settings and will help to oversee the making of the starters and salads. The sous chef will also need to be responsible for the cleanliness of the head chef’s station and must make all of the courses that the head chef makes.

Pastry Chef Employment: The pastry chef in a restaurant is in charge of the dessert menu and will also need to prepare many of the desserts and pudding before the lunch or evening setting. You will have to know about all the dessert equipment and tools and be able to teach your assistant pastry chefs as well.

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