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Do you YouTube? Whether you want to learn how to change the tail light on your Honda Civic, laugh at stupid human tricks, or see puppies playing, YouTube has you covered.

YouTube is a social media video sharing site based in California that is owned by Google. Users upload content such as video clips, music videos, home made short films, or educational videos that are then available for streaming. As long as the content isn’t explicit or copyrighted, those videos are available to billions of people around the world via the Internet. What if you could tap into that audience?

YouTube Partners Create Content for their Viewers and get Paid to do it

This is exactly what YouTube wants you to do. If you are a regular publisher of visual communications, take advantage of YouTube. It’s an easy way to make money online. Join the YouTube Partner Program to learn how to monetize your videos via your personal YouTube channel. Then you get paid when your videos feature clickable and watchable advertising.

Are you ready to become a YouTube Partner? There’s plenty of room for you to make it big. The top 500 YouTube Partners make over $100,000 per year. According to Business Insider, as of 2014, the five most popular YouTube Partners or SuperStars are:

  1. PewDiePie – A Swedish video game commentator has 3.9 million subscribers, 3.69 billion views, and makes $825,000 to $8.47 million per year.
  2. BluCollection – This channel focuses on how to open, assemble, and play with toys. They have 628,000 subscribers, 1.38 billion views, and make $660,000 to $6.38 million per year.
  3. DisneyCollectorBR – This channel teaches you how to open, assemble, and play with Disney toys. They have 1.51 billion views, 1.05 million subscribers, and make $505,000 to $5.06 million annually.
  4. Smosh – This slapstick comedy duo will make you laugh. They have 27.71 million subscribers, 4.6 billion views, and make $448,000 to $4.5 million annually.
  5. SkyDoesMinecraft – This YouTuber is a Minecraft commentator. He has 8.99 million subscribers, 1.66 billion views, and makes $293,000 to $2.92 million annually.

Other top YouTube Partners do video game voiceovers, create viral videos, do game and toy reviews, are comedians, or are just kids playing with toys. Due to ad types and placements, annual income can only be estimated.

All of these YouTube Partners are online celebrities who started from nothing. What they have done is create quality content that keeps their massive fan bases coming back for more. It takes an entrepreneurial spirit to get started, but these YouTube stars get to do what they love – create and publish videos.

To get started on YouTube, you’ll need a camera and a data connection. Then create and publish content that you enjoy in a niche that inspires others. The more quality content, the better. Market yourself on social media and through word of mouth. Monitor your YouTube analytics, views, and comments. Constantly tweak your content and style to meet your audience’s demands. Embrace their feedback and constantly improve and expand. Most importantly learn how to place ads on your videos to monetize your content.

Income on YouTube is entirely based on ad revenue. There are many types of ads. Some pay per impression and others per click. Without ads, you won’t make any money. Even after you get ads on your videos, you still may not make anything and YouTube will feel like a labor of love. After a few busy months, you may earn a few bucks. Eventually, with the right attitude, a solid content strategy, and a growing fan base you could be making your entire living as a YouTube Partner.

It’s unlikely that you’ll make superstardom on YouTube overnight, but with focus and determination it’s not impossible for you to be making a living on YouTube after you develop a following. Are you ready to make YouTube your full time job?

Quick Facts About YouTube Partner Jobs

Job Title: YouTube Partner, YouTube Star
Office: Computer Based
Description: Create and publish visual communications of any type via YouTube
Certifications/Education: None
Necessary Skills: Social Media, YouTube, Camera
Potential Employers: Self-Employed
Pay: $0 to $5 million

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