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Do you work in an office? Are you slave of the 9 to 5? Have you ever considered working from home? Maybe you should consider becoming a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants perform administrative and office work from remote locations. Instead of working in a cramped office, they can work from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Technology is reshaping the way the world does business and being a virtual assistant is taking full advantage of this cushy new trend.

Virtual Assistant with a handful of cash

Virtual assistants typically have an extensive background in office work. Some are a one-stop-shop, but most specialize in fields such as marketing, advertising, finance, accounting, secretarial work, proofreading, translation, research, writing, data entry, website design, SEO optimization, graphic design, social networking, invoicing, mailings, publishing newsletters, scheduling, creating PowerPoint presentations, checking references, screening applicants, bookkeeping, or blogging – whatever freelance or contract work a client might have.

Don’t think you can just quit your job and become a rich virtual assistant tomorrow. First you need the background and skill sets. The true challenge of being a virtual assistant is that it takes a bit of entrepreneurial spirit. You have to go out and find clients that need your special skills. It takes lots of self-promotion and marketing to find work. Often it can be found through prior connections, referrals, online websites, Elance, or blog sites.

Be sure that any client you work with is legitimate and they will actually pay you. Once clients are established, they become accustomed to your style, organization, skills, and work. They rely on you to keep their business going and beautiful long-term relationships can blossom. Virtual assistants are good for companies. Outsourcing work to virtual assistants cuts down on overhead, but ensures quality work.

Depending on who you work with and what terms you establish, you can work from just about anywhere – the sandy beaches of Belize, the snowy mountains of the Alps, or a quiet suburban home in Georgia. The one thing you absolutely must have (besides clients) is constant access to the Internet. With wireless just about everywhere these days, it really cuts down on the morning commute.

To work as a virtual assistant you don’t ever have to step foot in the office. It may sound like a dream, but you are still tied to your employer. Access to phone lines, fax, email, video and web conferencing, and online chat programs are essential for you to send and receive projects, chat about ideas, receive feedback, and generally communicate.

If you are considering working as a virtual assistant, it is a good idea to earn a certification. There are several online training programs and associations that certify virtual assistants. Check out VA Certification, International Association of Virtual Assistants, or Assist U for a few recognized programs.

Certifications will help employers know that you are a professional and dedicated to doing quality work – not just some bum that wants to telecommute.

You’re not officially a virtual assistant until you have clients that send you paychecks. You can take on as many or as few clients as you can handle. The more you work, the more you get paid; but don’t let the quality of your work slip. At the end of the day, virtual assistants make between $12 and $50 per hour. Most average about $20 per hour or $39,000 per year.

Working as a virtual assistant is a nice career change if you are a motivated, self disciplined, hard working, creative person with a background in office work. Plus working from where ever you choose makes this a real dream job.

Quick Facts About Virtual Assistants

Job Title: Virtual Assistant
Description: Perform administrative and office work from a remote location
Certifications/Education: Virtual Assistant Certification is highly recommended
Necessary Skills: Office skills related to your virtual specialty
Potential Employers: Businesses
Pay: $12 to $50 per hour, $20 per hour or $39,000 per year is average

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