Contract Work vs. In-House Employment

We all know the benefits of working for someone else…consistency. Years ago, the goal for most entertainment professionals in the Film and Music
Industry was to get a permanent on staff position within a company.

Contract Employment is Becoming More Commonplace in the Industry

At that time, although difficult, it was much more likely. However, technological changes across the entire entertainment field have changed the availability and quantity of certain film jobs and music careers quite dramatically.

“Because of the very competitive environment today, businesses can no longer carry unnecessary overhead to handle everyday transactions. This forces small business owners to have to know every corner of their business well enough to operate without overhead that will put them out of business,” states Alfredo Cevallos, an award-winning New York-based producer.

If you are trying to land an on-staff position, specifically, at a music studio or other production style site, you may need to alter your strategy. Since the number of available jobs has dwindled, budgets have shrunk, and 24/7 bookings by major pop bands are no longer the commonplace, assuming that you will land a full time staff position may merely be fiction. Cevallos continues by mentioning, “there are just too many people trying to make it.” Simply put, there are not enough positions available, even considering turnover.

Therefore, it may be wise to change your mindset to the world of freelancing. Long-term employment after showcasing your freelance performance is now the standard.


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