College Film Programs and Music Education

Because of the boom in technology and the airwaves blanketed with promises of the next superstar, the entertainment industry, and more specifically, movie jobs have become attractive realities for many people. Years ago it was only available for the lucky few or crazy, independent risk-taker betting it all on the chance of a lifetime. Nowadays, with so many delivery mediums such as the Internet, cell phones, TV, cable, satellite, CDs, MP3s, and video games, the demand for content has followed suit. Someone must create this content. It might as well be you!

Film Reel Image

So what’s the next step? Well, before you pack your bags and head to the nearest metropolis, you may choose to get educated. Schools offering production programs for film & music have been popping up like wildflowers. What was once thought to be only a dream can be a reality for many. These schools offer basic training in production concepts, technology, equipment operation, and access to gear typically only available to the world’s biggest stars. By offering hands-on education, one can obtain an associates degree in various technical fields. Other schools actually offer a full Bachelors degree, allowing students to mix in the traditional curriculum with creative courses.

Not in a major city? No worries. It is actually commonplace for one also to study online.


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