Evaluating Film and Music Schools

Over the past 10 years the quantity of entertainment and media schools has exploded. Even technical schools that traditionally only dealt with basic computer programming are now diving into the trend of teaching media production techniques.

Make Sure to do Your Research on Specific Music and Film Schools

Traditional major universities as well have vamped up their programs attempting to stay in touch with the rapid speed of technology.

So what should you look for when deciding on a production program?

For starters, the foundational catalyst for these schools was to give an individual the opportunity to access equipment and information once thought “secretive.” Therefore, look at their faculty and their accomplishments. Are they currently required to be active in the professional industry? Having degrees and papers are fantastic. At the same time, gaining real world insight from people who have paid their dues will help your cause in the long run by allowing you to understand exactly what a position entails.

Secondly, do you do well in lectures or are you a hands-on type of person? Either way, in a classic media school, they will have hands-on. How much hands-on time is the key. So, find out what their philosophy is regarding hands-on training? Is the majority of the degree spent actually using equipment or just talking about theory?

Another area to look for is the course topics. What will you be studying? The one constant that exists in the education field regarding music and film is that there is no set standard as to what should be taught or how much of a specific subject. Don’t forget to look into distance learning degrees in addition to traditional, classroom degrees.

With technology changing so rapidly, you’ll want to know how do they keep up? One school in particular has prepared for this challenge wholeheartedly. “As a private college we have the ability to make decisions about implementing new technology in a very timely manner as well as steering our degree programs to meet or exceed industry expectations. Furthermore, our graduates are able to remain current in their industry by auditing courses as needed at no additional charge,” states Jay Noble, Director of Alumni Relations at Full Sail Real World Education in Winter Park, Florida.

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