Getting an Entertainment Job

Jay Noble, Director of Alumni Relations of Full Sail Real World Education says that a person must have three distinct traits to get an entertainment

Competition is High in the Entertainment Job Market

“Talent, Professionalism, and Drive. The talent side of this equation is initially developed during your education and fine-tuning takes place often during your career in order to stay at your creative best.”

Knowledge is one more reason to head to class. The ability to access equipment without the financial outlay may very well be your motivation. This single trait allows you to gain information and boost your confidence when looking for your dream job.

Regardless of why you look for schooling, it is important to remember that the principle of supply and demand also applies to the Music and Film industry. While it is a fantastic opportunity to learn about a once almost secretive field, it comes at a price. Many schools put out thousands of graduates per year. At times, several hundred per month. In an industry that is very small, what do you think that does to the quantity of available work? Should I say good work? I actually should say, “paying work?” You guessed it; your competition is large.

The market is flooded with graduates who have the ability to pursue their dreams. The difference is some will consistently make the attempt to realize their dreams. Phil Valera feels that, “This industry will always be competitive. Whether by broadening your education so that you are more culturally diverse, or by taking a speech course or just by taking time to really listen to your clients and your collaborators you will have a value added to your work that will put you far ahead of the competition.” Always remember, your unique features are the best commodity you bring to the table.

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