Movie Sounds Jobs – and More

Re-Recording Mixer
A Re-Recording mixer is involved with all areas of the original production sound.

Sound Engineers Play an Important Role in the Film Production Process

They must assemble all elements of recorded sound to specific work prints or “stems.”

Often there are so many recorded elements during production that the re-recording mixer will “sub-mix” these elements making them easier to handle and keep track of.

They will, as well, re-record additional elements if necessary prior to the final film mix.

Sound Effects Editor
As the name implies, this position involves the creation and editing or piecing together sounds to make effects. The use of digital animation and digital compositing has increased dramatically in today’s films. This trend has by default increased the need for Sound Effects Editors as well as Sound Designers. Although production audio is recorded during the filming of a movie, the real excitement of a film typically is created by additional sound effects and custom sounds that enhance the believability of the script.

Mixing Engineer (Music, SFX, Dialogue)
The function of the mixing engineer is identical to that of the musical mixing engineer. The difference is that instead of multiple instrument tracks, in film there are usually a mix engineer for each major section of audio: Music, Sound Effects, and Dialogue. Working together during the final mix, these 3 engineers create the flow of audio while watching the workprint.

Sound Supervisor
As a Sound Supervisor, you will be involved with both the creative and administrative portion of the films sound elements.

Post-Production Supervisor
Post production refers to the time period after the filming of the motion picture takes place. The Post-Production Supervisors role, while keeping the final intent of the product in mind, is to provide solutions to common mistakes or changes to the original script. They must for-see the challenges that will occur after filming is done and then prepare to correct these differences accordingly. Because of the portability of equipment and how the process of filming movies has changed, many ‘post’ production decisions are now being made on the actual movie set during filming.

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