Entertainment Jobs

As mentioned earlier, there are so many positions available within the Music & Film industries that it would be impossible to include them all on these pages.

Entertainment can be a Lucrative Industry

However, what are contained in the JobMonkey film and music jobs section are the most common positions available to all who possess the right credentials. Some of these jobs are higher-level positions that typically you would obtain after years of experience.

Maybe you aspire to be a big-time film producer or wish to direct independent — or Indie — films. Maybe you’re more of a technology geek and love working with sound recording equipment or video cameras. During the Oscars are you glued to the television, actively evaluating who’s wearing what or generally inspired by how actors look on screen. If so, then be sure to read about costume designers and makeup artists.

Similarly, many industrious, creative types are drawn to the music industry. No matter whether you’re best cut out to write music, record or market it, we have the job descriptions for you!

By the time you’re finished reading you will have a basic understanding of the types of jobs.


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