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Many of the same jobs also exist in the Music Industry. Their function, however, will vary depending on the project. Recording Engineers, Mix &
Mastering Engineers, Digital Audio Workstation operators, Music Programmers, Re-Mixers, Songwriters, Producers, and business side duties such as Executive Producer, A&R, and Licensing are just a few of the job titles available to the masses. “The music industry has become a lot like the advertising industry. It always really was. But nowadays, your ability to cut through the smoke is the key to success,” states Alfredo Cevallos, a multi-award winning, New York-based music producer who knows a thing or two about music jobs.

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Working within the professional Music & Film Industry is a high pressure, high stress, deadline driven environment. Long hours, little sleep, consistent revision, and flexibility, all while many times working under harsh conditions is commonplace. If you are looking for the ‘8am-5pm’ job, with lunch breaks, health benefits, 401Ks, and stock options, you’re looking at the wrong career.

The types of people who usually get into this industry are people who have a passion for the arts. Making tons of money and retiring early, although attractive, is not what drives these individuals. Which is good. Most Music & Film jobs involve starting out as an unpaid intern with no guarantee of being hired.

It is a tough, often harsh, business that will catch you by surprise if you are not ready for it. As in any business, cash is king. Art is second. The challenge for the job seeker is to find the right balance between personal satisfaction and the realities of the business world.

By exploring all of the content within this site, you should be able to establish a solid starting ground taking you in a direction that personally suits your needs.

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