Entertainment Industry Internships

Finally, the toughest choice you’ll have to make is regarding whether or not to take the non-paid gig. Understand though, that the internship is one of the
most common entry points into any of the vast variety of Music & Film jobs.

Internships are Plentiful in the Entertainment Industry

If you refuse to work for free, you may eliminate 95% of your initial employment opportunities. Also, keep in mind that many jobs may seem meaningless; especially when you are starting out as an intern or p.a.

However, gauge what you anticipate the benefits from taking on the job will be. If you feel that the experience alone will help you down the road, and you can live with no pay for the projects allotted time, then take it. “You can be sure that to survive in the future, you must be adaptable and must always be absorbing information,” states Phil Valera, Associate Professor of Audio Technology at Barton College, NC. Sometimes, just being able to put the credit down on your resume will speak volumes. That is something money cannot buy.

In general, there is no right or wrong here. If the project is legit, the people are professional, and you feel that somehow, someway, it will benefit your career, then go for it. Always keep in mind, however, that many music companies or film production companies will take as much as they can get. So be cautious. Know your limits. Document everything that you are involved with not only for your own reference but also for tracking credits, experience, and collaborations obtaining contact information for the future.

When contemplating whether or not you want to work for someone else, it is important to remember these things when deciding to take the plunge in the entertainment industry. Turn over every stone when looking for ins – that means search for student internships everywhere you can.

If you are one of the lucky few that happens to be in the right place at the right time, yes, you may land the perfect on-staff position.

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