Filmmaking Technology &
Music Industry Technology Advances

Portability of current technology has opened the door for creative types to collaborate with lightning speed. Depending on the technology they are using, they can make very important decisions, right on the set, make the changes, and continue saving large sums of money in the process.

Due to the Technological Advances in these Industries, Positions are Opening Up

Because of this portability, Post-Production shops and Music studios have popped up all over the country. Even more unassuming, is that they are now showing up in very remote locations. It is commonplace, for film and music editors to place their film and music session data on their laptop and continue to work right in their airline seat! All of this has allowed more individuals to become involved in local, regional, and national productions without ever leaving their hometown.

Competition amongst equipment manufacturers is also on the rise. Film types, digital cameras, high-definition formats (HD), digital editors, computer manufactures, software manufactures, broadcast mediums, and the surge toward bringing professional level gear to the end consumer, has surfaced. With so much focus on both hardware and software, it is often easy to forget about the importance of the people involved. As Phil Valera, a Professor of Audio Recording Technology at Barton College puts it, “No matter how technology changes, this is still a people business.”

Keep in mind, that the equipment does not create the product. People do. Without an idea, all the equipment in the world will do no good. The digital entertainment industry will always need a continual influx of creative, talented people in order to complement the impressive strides that technology has taken.


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