Film and Music Industry Technology

The film and music industry has experienced a major over-hall in the last decade. As usual, technology has had both a positive and negative influence. Equipment has become much more reasonable and has consequently, allowed many individuals to join in the fun.

“Technology has improved productivity and improved quality control. More can now be done in a shorter amount of time with equipment that doesn’t cost as much with more reliable end products,” states Alfredo Cevallos, an award-winning New York-based producer. He continues with, “The draw back though is that technology has no effect on content.” Besides the having the creative skill, it would be wise as well to know how business works. “Because of the wide open opportunities in the Music Business today, old fashioned business skills are more valuable than ever,” says Cevallos.

Be it Film or Music, it usually starts with an idea, a few pieces of equipment, and typically a crew of folks willing to work some serious hours. All for the sake of the project at hand. Historically, if you wanted anything to do with film, it required you to pack your bags and head to Hollywood. Most major film studios, crews, actors, actresses, talent, and of course, seasonable weather was located there. However, in the current industry, films are not only being shot in all parts of the country, but all over the world. Different crews can be shooting a scene on location in a different state while the technical crew is back at the shop editing, adding sound effects, doing voice-overs, and beginning a foundational mix at the same time.


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