Human Resources Management Jobs

The human resources manager is the person in a company who is responsible for attracting qualified candidates for available positions within the organization. In a large company, the human resources manager may head a department that deals with writing job descriptions, advertising for positions, administering employee benefits, and offering training for new and existing employees.

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The person who is acting in the role of human resources manager also consults with company executives in matters of budgeting and planning when it comes to hiring decisions. Most human resources managers work in office environments.

This is a key role in the company, since poor hiring decisions are very expensive in advertising and training costs to the company. A high employee turnover rate may be traced back to the human resources department and a quality company will want to attract quality candidates and offer them a work environment and compensation package that will make them want to stay with the company for some time.

Education Required to Become a Human Resources Manager

To perform the duties of a human resources manager, you would need to have at least a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Personnel, Human Resources, or Labor Relations. Some corporations want to hire human resources managers who have a Master’s Degree in one of these areas of study, depending on the scope of the responsibilities associated with the job.

Most human resources have at least five years of practical experience before taking on this level of responsibility. Some people holding this position start off in a more junior role and work their way up in the same company, while others gain experience at other companies and apply for available openings at the management level directly.

HR Manager Salary Information

The median salary for human resources managers, not including bonuses and benefits, is $99,810.

Employment Trends for Human Resources Managers

There is good news on the employment front for people who want to work as human resources managers: job opportunities are expected to grow faster than average.

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