Six Figure Sales and Marketing Careers

If you are looking for an opportunity to get a well-paid position, look to making your living selling or promoting products or services. Finding a consumer need and taking steps to fulfill it is the way that companies generate revenue. The sales and marketing teams are an essential part of any business, and help to provide the grease that keeps the economy moving.

Sales and Marketing Team Smiley Face Photo

The job of a sales representative can take you in many different directions. The best way to have the opportunity to make an impressive income in sales is to find an opportunity where you will be rewarded for your efforts without any limit on your earnings. You have the chance to show your employer how valuable you are to the organization by putting up impressive sales numbers, and you will reap the benefits accordingly if your compensation package includes a generous commission structure.

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The job of a marketing manager involves doing research to find out what products or services a company’s customers (and potential customers) would be most interested in buying. He or she may become involved in product development to continue to bring new offerings to the market. This also includes developing and implementing a marketing campaign to keep the company’s wares in front of the buying public, and in a positive way.

All of the marketing manager’s duties need to be performed with the company’s marketing budget in mind. He or she must devise a campaign that will successfully promote new products or draw attention to the company’s services. Developing and maintaining good media contacts will help the marketing manager do his or her job.


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