Strategies to Help You Find a College Sports Job

What’s your job strategy? Before you try to answer that, you need to ask yourself, “What’s your style? Does it fit?” This doesn’t mean you should be trying to fit in; it does mean that you should find a place where your style fits your job, your environment and your organization.

How’s your image? Your image is a part of your style, but it’s not just the look you present to others. That’s only your projected image; how you look, what you seem like to other people. Behind that appearance lie your skills, your personal qualities and your ability to communicate with others. And it all depends a lot on your self-image. Are you cocky, ego-centric, or shy? Are you afraid to speak up? Your self-esteem keeps you going. Your personal style sets you apart. Your attitude toward yourself is what eventually comes out as your image. Be aware of what you think of yourself.


Your strategy doesn’t always have to be on a career track. Especially early in your career, but continuing in the ever-changing world of sports, a good job strategy is to always keep learning. Look for new interests, new sports or new gear; something new to learn every day. Here are some ways you can keep on learning, experiencing, meeting new people and growing:

Following these Recommendations will Increase the Likelihood you Find a Job in Sports

Volunteer – from your first job experience through retirement

Summer Jobs – a great time to work and play in new ways

Trade Journals – your business, from Coach and Athletic Director to Baseball Research Journal

Sports Magazines – what’s new, what’s hot and – most important – what’s fun

School Jobs Listings & Notices – students need experience, too

Trade Associations – sharing, networking and, yes, contributing to the success of others

Online sites – sports and trade associations; forums like the one from Athletic Business Magazine and don’t forget to visit JobMonkey!

Hank Steinbrecher, the former Secretary General of the U.S. Soccer Federation, told Coach and Athletic Director magazine, “My coaches have had the greatest influence on my life.” Probably every one of the greatest and wisest people in sports has at some time said the same thing. Want to know what he learned from those coaches? Would you like to know how they helped him succeed? Coach Steinbrecher says they taught him this: “that honor and integrity are the most important qualities of a leader.”

Honesty and Integrity. That’s a Job Strategy.

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