Sports Jobs – High School and other K-12 Schools Sport Jobs Overview

If you like working with young people and helping to shape lives, then consider getting a sports-related job at an elementary school, middle or junior high school, or high school. We refer to these jobs as K-12 or Kindergarten through 12th Grade sports jobs.

Nearly every school has at least one full-time physical education teacher on staff. And if you’re at a junior high (or middle) school or high school then additional job opportunities exist in coaching: football coaching jobs, basketball coaching jobs, volleyball and baseball coaching jobs, and so forth.

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One of the best things about working as a teacher at this level are the benefits. Full-time teachers often work under the terms of a negotiated labor union contract and receive health insurance, various discounts through their teacher’s association, paid holidays, sick days, and vacation. It’s common knowledge that pay for teachers is not what it should be, but the rewards of being a teacher are almost unsurpassed. Young kids are very impressionable and love to learn. Beyond that, PE is definitely a class that most kids look forward to every week as are after school sports.

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Coaching staffs at the high school and middle or junior high school levels are comprised of both volunteers and faculty. Depending on the school there could be between one and five or six full-time coaches who are also instructors at the school. A basketball coach may also be the geometry teacher! Joining the head coach after school could be a handful of dedicated volunteer coaches who hold down day jobs of one kind or another. If your goal is to get a paying job as a teacher and/or coach then think about volunteering while earning your teacher’s certificate or Master’s degree. Education requirements vary from state to state.

Read on to learn more about K-12 sports jobs, from teaching physical education to coaching after-school sports.

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