College Sports Jobs & Careers: Links to Key College Athletics Employers


There are about 4,200 colleges and universities with sports programs in the USA.

A couple thousand more that have intramural sports, physical fitness and recreational programs. To find accredited schools, you can use the online U.S. Department of Education database, and select a segment, such as “public 4-year institutions” in your state, “private 2-year schools” or “nonprofit 4-year and above” in a certain region. (Broader searches will return too many results for the system to display.):

There are Various College Institutions Which Offer a Variety of Sports Jobs

A site by Mike Conlon of the University of Florida lists links directly to American college and university websites here:

Chris Redmond of the University of Waterloo has a similar list for Canadian schools:

Maricopa Community Colleges keeps a current list of community college websites, currently linking to 1,287 colleges:

Go to a great resource for junior college football and find a list of community college football programs nationwide. There are almost 150 community colleges that play junior college football.

For news and information about NCAA member colleges and universities, go straight to the National Collegiate Athletic Association: www.ncaa .org/wps/portal


The NCAA News lists athletic vacancies from athletic directors to assistant coaches.

The News: Use The NCAA News tab at the top of this page:

On the academic side, check out Chronicle of Higher Education for all types of positions, from presidents and deans to coaching and athletic positions:

For sports jobs, NCAA News (above), Athletic Business, and Coach and Athletic Director are good sources.


National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics:

National Collegiate Athletic Association:

National Junior College Athletic Association:

Commission on Athletics (Calif. Community Colleges):

National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics:

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