Recreational Sports Job Opportunities: Summer Camp Jobs

Want to go to camp this summer? Why not every summer? Why grow up, when you can keep on going to camp as your first work experience, your summer job or your future career?

Check out some of the many places to go to have fun, teach and learn all at the same time. There are hundreds of summer camps…not just in the U.S. but worldwide. Some are oriented around themes. There are religious summer camps (Christian summer camps), camps for people living with disabilities, for people with cancer, sports summer camps, dude ranches, and on and on.

Camp Counselors Have Unique Jobs Which can be Rewarding

Here’s an example of an opportunity from the National Youth Development Information Center:

Camp Educator at Camp Runoia in Belgrade Lakes, Maine. This summer camp has a variety of resident camp educator jobs, which include room and board and earnings of $1800 to $2500 for the season. Aside from getting paid for a fun summer, you can learn things like project management logistics, planning, managing people, communication skills and more. The qualifications include a minimum age of 19; one year of “college-type program,” and “a desire and ability to work with children in resident camp community work with others in a 24-hour community to help the camp community be successful.”

The YMCA has hundreds of Resident Camps and thousands of Day Camps all over the country, and they all have lots of camp jobs every year. Volunteer, part-time and non-exempt jobs can be found by visiting your local YMCA.

You can also check out the jobs online here:

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) hire Recreation specialists for seasonal jobs at summer camps, as well as in career positions. There are 420 Scout camps, 60 Council High-Adventure programs, and three national High-Adventure Bases that need summer camp staff.

These High Adventure Bases need qualified men and women on their staffs: Florida National High Adventure Sea Base; Northern Tier National High Adventure Program; and Philmont Scout Ranch. Philmont, for instance, has over 850 paid staff employees in jobs like Rangers, Back country Program Counselors and Support Staff for the training center and base camp.

State Parks Associations and Societies and similar organizations post jobs, not only in state parks, but with local agencies as well, throughout their states. These are an excellent source for Recreation and Summer Camps job opportunities. Look for your state in the Recreation Sports Employer Links for good leads.

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