Types of Radio Production Careers

Radio is an exciting industry to be involved in and there are many jobs in this section of media that you can find in any city in any country of the world. Radio production is mainly focused on music and talk shows that offer the public information and entertainment that they are able to enjoy whilst doing other activities like going to the gym, driving, or just relaxing. The entire concept of radio serves to connect with people, and these are the main types of radio jobs that you can find.

Station Manager

The station manager is the head of the radio station whether it is online radio or offline. This radio job entails organizing the content and daily programming, being in charge of the radio DJ’s, audio engineers, and radio producers. To become a station manager you will usually have to start off doing smaller jobs like being an assistant or radio producer first and work your way up to being a station manager.

Audio Engineer Jobs

If you have an affinity for sound production and audio engineering, you will do well as an audio engineer for a radio station. This job will require you to have some kind of sound engineering training. You will work alongside a radio DJ to produce their radio show. Each radio DJ usually has his own radio audio engineer.

Radio Producer Jobs

A radio producer is in charge of each radio show. The radio producer will decide on what each show should include in its programming. They give the DJ what music they should play and what important things should be mentioned if any. They will liaise with any sponsors and advertisers and give the DJ scripts if there are any competitions to mention, specific sponsors’ slogans and adverts, etc.

Radio Presenter

A radio presenter is different to the radio DJ and they usually present certain segments in the radio shows such as the news, the weather, or other short inserts. To be a radio presenter, you need to have a good voice for radio and you will need to complete a radio presenters course to learn the correct way to speak on radio so that you are heard clearly and understood. It gives you the correct microphone technique, voice tone, inflection, and more.

Radio DJ

A radio DJ also requires you to have a good and likeable radio voice. You will need to get voice training and have a natural, interesting voice that people relate to. A radio DJ will also need to know a lot about music and learn how to play and link together songs and segments. In some smaller radio stations, the radio DJ will also be his or her own audio engineer. On radio you will need to know how to mix music and talk confidently on live radio. Some acting training or public speaking training will help you in this regard. Note – Check out the growing arena of sports radio jobs in our Sports Careers section.

Radio production is a stressful job just like TV because of the live nature of radio. The radio shows are usually live and as such, there is no room for error. You have to be good at thinking on your feet and sounding natural.

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