Radio Producer & Program Director Careers

The radio producer or program director of a radio station will have the job of planning each day’s radio programming and giving the radio DJ and audio engineer what they have to cover for the live radio broadcast.

The radio program director will make sure the radio show runs smoothly and includes all of the important music and content that is required. They will work closely with the station manager to ensure that ratings are calculated and that advertisers are happy.

Radio Producer / Program Director Job Description

As a radio program director your job will entail meeting with the station manager as well as the radio DJ and sound engineer on a regular basis to discuss what needs to be included in the programming for your show.

You will normally be in charge of one show with the same DJ and audio engineer, so essentially you will have your own team of radio professionals.

Each program director will be responsible for finding suitable programs and music for their live show and must ensure that the tone, quality, and feel of the radio station is upheld.

Training Opportunities

To work as a radio producer or radio program director you must usually work for the radio station as a DJ for a period of time. Sometimes program directors are brought in from elsewhere and you will also need to have additional training in the music field as well as journalism, managerial and communications. You can also do very well if you have a writing-oriented degree of some kind, and a marketing background. Of all the radio jobs, this is one of the most stressful, as you are responsible for many parts of the radio programming behind the scenes and you are responsible for live radio as well.

How to Become a Producer or Program Director

To become a radio producer or program director for a radio station you should first work in the radio industry either on live radio or behind the scenes of radio programming either assisting a radio producer or even as a DJ. You can learn a great deal from working at a radio station first and this will really help you to get a radio producer salary later on in your career. If you want to apply for a radio producer job or program manager job, you must make sure you have a showreel of radio shows you have done as well as a comprehensive CV including all the radio work you have done. Getting some experience in community radio shows and even at college or university radio will be to your advantage.


A radio producer salary will depend on what the radio station is that you work for and what kind of radio show you run. You can make a nice sum of money in this position, but bear in mind that you are under constant pressure and need to work fairly long hours aside from the live radio show that you have to broadcast. The radio producer salary for a graduate will be about $5,000 per month with your earnings only increasing as you get more experience.

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