Types of Television Productions

Starting out in the television production industry is a tough job all on its own, with tons of competition and their tendency to favor only the best and most well connected. Television production jobs offer many opportunities for young, willing people, and the vastness of these TV jobs is quite remarkable ranging from reality shows to online digital TV broadcasts.

Live TV Broadcasts

These include breaking news, live concerts, live speeches and more. Live TV offers jobs that are stressful and more specific.

Television Production calls for Excellent Attention to Detail

There is no room for error in live TV broadcasts and your positions will range from producer, director, or cameraman, to cable runner, gaffer, audio technician and more. Live TV broadcasts are often unpredictable, so you should be prepared at all times of the day or night. Sometimes your hours will be very long, but other times they are short. You might be required to travel.

TV Shows

For entertainment value, TV networks and channels offer the public regular programming that includes TV shows and series. Shows can be in any genre including comedy, drama, action, thriller and documentary. These TV shows are normally either 30 minutes long or 60 minutes long and will offer TV jobs in acting, directing, scriptwriting, lighting, make up, costumes, set designing and building, production managing and more. Your day will typically be 12 hours and you will work 3 to 5 days a week.

Reality TV

Along the line of a documentary, reality TV is the latest TV phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. Each week, viewers tune in to watch a group of girls battle to win the heart of the handsome millionaire, or take part in grueling challenges to win immunity and the shot at 1 million dollars. You should be prepared for long hours and the potential for plenty of travel.

TV Commercials

To cover the massive costs involved in the television production industry, TV commercials are used to create international exposure for the sponsors. TV commercials are created with the help of a production and advertising team and other important television production jobs in this section of the industry include a TV production crew, cast of actors and extras, special effects team and editing in post-production. Your day should last about 12 hours and you must be prepared for day or night shoots.

Online TV

With the world becoming smaller and smaller, you have the unique opportunity to be involved in online TV jobs with internet television channels offering broadcasts of all your favorite topics, and even podcasts of news items, travel podcasts, and the latest craze of webisodes, which are regular episodes of fictional TV shows broadcast over the Web. Online television gives all industry professional great scope to succeed, as anyone can start a television channel online. You can do any job you like to ensure that your show is uploaded successfully to the Internet, either on your own website, or onto video sharing websites like YouTube.

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