Sell Radio Advertising for a Living!

Advertising is how the radio stations survive. They rely on companies buying advertising space to fund their programs and this funding process is largely initiated by the radio producer and his sales team along with assistance and overseeing by the station manager. Advertising agencies work very closely with radio stations to produce the radio commercials that are aired for the purpose of communicating the products and services of the various companies that have purchased advertising space.

While many advertising agencies work on TV and print media as well, the majority of radio commercials are created by audio engineers, sound designers, and voice artists in a recording studio. Scriptwriters are also needed as part of the advertising agency to give the advert its powerful, punchy content and convince the listeners to buy a service or product in 30 seconds or less.

Advertising agency radio jobs are tricky to get involved in and most of the time, you have to be adaptable to working in all areas of media and advertising, not just radio. You will have to have a background and degrees in marketing, advertising, communications, design, journalism, and even psychology. The jobs that you find solely for radio, are linked to the recording studio and sometimes a production company will be hired to produce the radio commercial instead of an advertising agency.

The production company will run the radio commercial just like any other commercial for TV, making use of expert scriptwriters, sound designers, recording studio engineers, mixing and mastering audio engineers and talented voice-over artists to create a professional and brilliant radio commercial. There are many other jobs in the radio commercial and advertising side of things, such as production manager, production assistant, sound director, and more.

Most of the time you will start at the bottom in any advertising agency or production company and even if you find a job as a runner or assistant, you should take it. These positions are usually quickly altered and you will work your way up the corporate ladder if you are dedicated, talented and creative. Proving yourself is what a production company or advertising agency looks for.

The recording studio is a great place to start your radio career and you can often find that a corporate environment is often more approachable. In-store radio advertising agencies and in-house production companies affiliated with hospitals, shops, community centers, and recreation facilities are easier to find jobs at and will offer you good experience in a less stressful workplace to start off with.

The rates will vary quite dramatically when working at a recording studio or for a radio advertising agency. You should, however, expect to start off making less money than you would like, but note that there is great potential to quickly work your way up to earning a very nice sum of money with a base salary and commissions.

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