Radio Audio Engineer Jobs

Many aspects of radio are live and one of the most important radio jobs will be to make sure the sound is good so that your audience can hear everything the DJ is saying as well as making sure the songs and music is played correctly. This job falls onto the sound engineer at a radio station. Most stations have an audio engineer for each radio show and sometimes the audio engineer will also produce the show. There are many audio recording engineer jobs and plenty of opportunities for newly qualified sound engineers.

Audio Engineer Job Description

Your jobs as a sound engineer will be to essentially make sure there is sound being broadcast for the radio show or for live radio. You must be qualified to do this job and understand exactly how to mix music, edit tracks, fade in and fade out the DJ and the music, among other things. You will have a room full of equipment that you must use including a mixing desk, microphones, headphones, intercoms, computers, and more.

Sound Engineer Training

You can train to be an audio engineer at various colleges and there are many specific audio colleges that you can attend for courses on every aspect of sound engineering, including radio. Your training will usually cover 3 years, but you can also opt for a short course or night classes that span one year. As long as you have a degree or diploma, you can get audio recording engineer jobs. Some radio stations might prefer you to have experience, but it is easy to gain this experience by working as a freelance sound engineer for TV or film, as well as community radio shows.

How to Become a Radio Sound Engineer

Becoming a sound engineer will require you to have expert knowledge of radio and your equipment as you will be working on live radio and must not make any errors.

You should be able to mix, master, fade in and fade out, reduce noise, pick up soft voices, and anything else sound related that the radio program may require. You can start your radio sound engineer career by applying for a job at a local radio station and work your way from there. You will need to produce your qualifications, previous experience if any, and sometimes a demo reel of what you have done in the past. This might only be a requirement at larger corporations where you must have previous experience in order to get an audio recording engineer job there.

Audio Engineer Salary

There are various types of audio engineer salary brackets, as you start out and then gain more experience. Many sound engineers employed in the radio broadcast arena will earn about $30,000.00 annually.

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