Become a Director of TV Shows

Directing for TV is one of the major TV jobs that you can get, and it is this job that will really ensure that TV shows are created. The director has the job of making sure everything is as it should be on screen. He or she is basically the person in charge of a TV production on set. You have many responsibilities as a TV director and it is up to you how the finished TV show, reality show, documentary, news broadcast, or TV movie ends up.

TV Director Job Description

The TV director has the job of making sure all the production’s cast and crew work together effectively and efficiently to create the show they have been planning.

Directors Want Every Scene to Play Out Exactly as They Imagine it

He must also work closely with the TV producers and with post-production teams to make sure the television program will be professionally done, aired on time and kept under budget. The director needs to understand every aspect of the filming, including knowledge about the camera, scriptwriting, sound, editing, acting, lighting, presenting, and more.

Training Opportunities

To be an expert at all levels of television directing is what TV shows and networks look for. You have to be well trained by a film and TV school to get the best TV director jobs and to start making a name for yourself in the industry. Television directing is a complex and interesting process and you must have a certain talent and creativity. You are a storyteller and should be able to convey your message through accurate and brilliant use of photography, presenting or acting, lighting, music, and sound among other things. For live TV you might have to use some other directing skills and should be able to work well under pressure.

How to Become a TV Director

The first thing you need to do when you want to get a job as a TV director is to put together an excellent showreel. This can be college work you have done, or even some shows you direct and make on your own. Your best attributes should be evident and you must make sure you don’t overdo it. Make it good, and then send this to various production companies and networks, along with your resume. Schedule as many interviews as you can, and be prepared for plenty of rejections. You will need to keep trying and take any TV director job that comes along at the beginning just so you can get more experience. Enter your scripts (if they are good enough) into various scriptwriting competitions and apply for commissions mentioning that you want to direct your TV show.

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The television director gets a decent salary for TV shows and makes the largest portion of the budget next to the producer. Obviously this budget differs from TV show to TV show, and your salary can change all the time. Some TV directors get millions per episode, while some get in the thousands. Various independent shows, TV documentaries, and news broadcasts will see your salary in the hundreds, but you will have more stability in your job.

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