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It’s easy to buy a picture frame from the hobby shop, drop a standard sized poster in it, hang it on the wall, and call yourself a picture framer. It takes a lot more than that to become a professional picture framer.

Professional picture framers create custom picture frames to preserve people’s treasures. They work with sentimental photographs, valuable artwork, high quality images, hard earned medallions, autographed sports jerseys, time tested needleworks, priceless paintings, respected diplomas, and other keepsakes.

Picture Framers Properly Frame Photos, Art, or Anything Else that Could Fit in a Frame

People want to display and remember important things in their lives. Picture framers provide the skills to help them customize their treasures in attractive, protective, and customized picture frames. Once framed, the item can hang on the wall to be admired and appreciated by all. And if it needs to be repaired, a picture framer can do that too.

The picture framer’s job begins when a customer brings in an item to be framed. It’s the picture framer’s job to frame the item the way the customer desires. Usually the picture framer provides valuable input on the design and customization of the framing.

Many things must be considered in picture framing. First, a particular type and style of frame must be chosen. The frame is often complemented with a mat to enhance the border. Then protective glass or plexiglass must be chosen that can prevent glare and other damage. It’s up to the picture framer to help guide the customer through the decision making process.

There are endless possibilities on the best way to frame a picture and it takes a designer’s eye to choose colors and combinations that enhance the picture’s detail and message. Picture framers ask lots of questions to help match the frame to the picture and to the customer’s home and personal tastes.

Picture framers need to be knowledgeable about all aspects of framing to ensure that the customer will like the final product. They even use computer software to help simulate what the framed picture will ultimately look like.

After the framing details are decided on by the customer, the picture framer gets to work. They take precise measurements to keep things in proportion. They build frames with moldings. They mount pictures on sturdy backings. They precisely cut glass. They trim mats. Finally they put all of the pieces together and install hanging hardware that will support the item’s weight. It’s a detail oriented job and you can’t mess up someone’s most prized possessions!

To become a picture framer, you do not need any official training or certifications. Most people learn the skill through on the job training. Some people attend picture framing workshops, go to framing schools, or learn from a book they purchase from Amazon. One organization, the Professional Picture Framers Association, offers certifications for picture framers. Those certifications focus on five general areas – preservation, general knowledge, mechanical, math, and mounting.

According to SalaryList.com, picture framers usually make $20,000 to $36,400 per year. Aspiring picture framers can find jobs at framing shops, galleries, hobby shops, museums, or online framing stores. No matter where you live, there are picture framing job opportunities. If you have an outgoing personality, a fine eye for detail, are good with math, and have an interest in art you should consider finding a job as a picture framer. It’s a skilled profession, and where there is a skill, there is also demand.

Creating a custom picture frame is a rewarding experience. The frame is the final thing that completes a piece of work. As a picture framer, your final product will hang in someone’s foyer or over their mantle for years to come. Even though you don’t get to see it, people will appreciate your hard work and talent every day.

Quick Facts About Picture Framer Jobs

Job Title: Picture Framer
Office: Framing Workshops
Description: Create custom picture frames for people’s prized possessions
Certifications/Education: Not required
Necessary Skills: Attention to detail, good with measurements, personable
Potential Employers: Framing shops, galleries, hobby shops, museums
Pay: $20,000 to $36,400 per year

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