Professional Cuddler Jobs

Need a hug? Why not call a cuddling and snuggling service where you can cuddle with a professional?

Professional cuddlers, or professional snugglers, get paid to intimately snuggle and cuddle with complete strangers. This form of touch therapy is completely platonic – no funny business.

Cuddlers are on call to snuggle with clients at all hours of the day. They work with people of all ages, races, and backgrounds. Both men and women can become cuddlers, although the majority of clients are men ages 20 to 75. Most clients are lonely and suffer from traumatic issues, disabilities, or emotional distress. Basically, they just need a hug.

A Professional Cuddler Provides Non-Sexual Physical Comfort for People Who Could use a Hug

When you tell people that you’re a professional cuddler, many people get the wrong impression. It’s important to note that professional cuddlers do NOT engage in sexual activity. This job is completely platonic.

Entire books have been written on the art of cuddling. A typical day for a cuddlier might include hugging, holding hands, tickle sessions, or spooning. Cuddlers and clients may watch a movie, listen to music, drink hot chocolate, or just talk. What cuddlers really do is offer companionship with out the ties of a complicated relationship.

Professional cuddlers need to be compassionate, caring, understanding, and positive. Essentially they are offering a form of touch therapy. Touch therapy is known to treat health and personal issues, improve depression, boost social skills, reduce pain, lower anxiety, decrease aggression, ease stress, boost relaxation, improve self esteem, reduce PTSD, and it has other benefits too. It’s all about human interactions and human connections. That’s what cuddling is all about.

Being a professional cuddler is a rewarding job. Even if you’ve never heard of this unique job, cuddling jobs are popping up across the country – especially in metropolitan areas. Cuddlers can find work at cuddling services like Cuddle Up to Me, The Snuggle Buddies, The Snuggery, or other cuddling and snuggling focused companies.

Cuddling services connect clients with professional cuddlers. They help to arrange cuddling locations that are private or public, offer contracts, handle money and insurance, and ensure every cuddler’s safety. Safety is of the utmost importance in this job.

To become a cuddler, you need to be a caring person who enjoys a good cuddle or snuggle. Samantha Hess, owner of Cuddle Up To Me, offers the Certified Cuddlers Certification Program. A certification will help you find a cuddling job. You may also want to attend a cuddler convention to network in this unique niche too.

To find a job, apply with different cuddling services. They will then contact you when work is available. There is more demand for female cuddlers than male cuddlers due to the fact that the majority of the clientele is male.

The Cuddlr App claims that they have 10,000 hits per day. That’s a large demand for professional cuddlers – and this trend is growing. A successful professional cuddler will grow her clientele and develop repeat business. Cuddlers can do multiple cuddling sessions per day. They typically make $40 to $80 per hour, plus tips. The hours are flexible and expenses are generally covered.

Providing a professional cuddling experience is a rewarding job where you make a positive impact on people’s lives. Not only are you helping people by providing platonic human interaction and companionship, but you are also earning good pay and working flexible hours. Does this sound like the description of your dream job?

If you’re a natural born cuddler, consider applying for a professional cuddler job. Did you ever think you’d turn cuddling into a career?

Quick Facts About Professional Cuddler Jobs

Job Title: Professional Cuddler aka Professional Snuggler
Office: Public and private cuddling locations
Description: Provide a professional cuddling experience
Certifications/Education: None required
Necessary Skills: Cuddling skills, Safety conscious
Potential Employers: Cuddling Services
Pay: $40 to $80 per hour, plus tips

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