Firearms Range Master Jobs

There are approximately 300 million civilian firearms in the US. That’s practically a gun for every US citizen. Luckily people can go to controlled gun ranges to shoot their guns. The person in charge of those firing ranges is a firearms range master.

Range masters, also known as firearms instructors or range safety officers, oversee the safe use of gun ranges. Their utmost priority is to ensure weapon safety at all times. Working with guns every day can be risky, but being a range master is a cool and exciting job for any gun enthusiast.

Gun ranges offer a safe place to shoot firearms. They are popular attractions where both gun owners and non-gun owners can fire firearms of all shapes and sizes. In fact, many gun ranges are tourist attractions for both domestic and international gun enthusiasts. Gun ranges are always busy with people who are eager to shoot a variety of weapons such as a Winchester rifle, a Smith and Wesson revolver, a Heckler & Koch submachine gun, or a Glock 9mm.

A Range Master Instructs People How to Safely Operate Various Firearms on a Gun Range

Many gun ranges are designed and/or monitored by the NRA or US Military. This ensures the safety of range users and innocent bystanders. Both indoor and outdoor gun ranges provide individual lanes of varying distances. Range distance may vary from 15 to 300 yards depending on what type of gun is being shot. People shoot at targets in their lane to improve their accuracy and weapon handling abilities. Range design must include an appropriate safe zone called Surface Danger Zones to ensure safety. Proper ventilation is also mandatory due to the potential for lead poisoning.

The range master performs regular range maintenance duties, mandates regular safety inspections, manages targets, establishes wind flags, and inspects backstops. A single error could injure or even kill someone. Attention to detail and ensuring that all visitors to the shooting range comply with local laws is very important. On the topic of safety, ear and eye protection are also mandatory for everyone at the range.

Range masters have a lot of responsibility. They are the ultimate authority at the shooting range. The range master has access to the armory, ammunition, and firearms. Depending on the range they rent either automatic or semiautomatic, pistols, rifles, or shotguns to both beginner and expert shooters. They have to constantly monitor the shooting lanes for safe weapon use, perform standard maintenance on all guns, load ammo, instruct in proper firing techniques, demonstrate correct firing positions, or get hands-on with gun users to improve performance or accuracy.

Range masters must be experts in marksmanship, gun safety, and guest service. They need a commanding presence that is respected by all. To become a firearms range master, you need to be a law-abiding, gun enthusiast. There are many certifying organizations such as the NRA. The NRA Training Center has certified over 97,000 instructors and range safety officers in the US to work at the many gun ranges in each state.

Established range masters also earn certifications that enable them to teach self-defense courses, concealed carry courses, or other gun safety courses. This broadens their income-producing abilities and makes their skills and resumes more impressive. Range masters can find work at gun ranges, gun clubs, or police forces, where they can make $24.85 to $30.02 per hour or $51,690.08 or $62,431.20 per year.

Gun ranges offer a safe, controlled environment where gun enthusiasts can shoot firearms. With the number of guns in the US, gun ranges are absolutely necessary. If you’re a highly trained and talented gun enthusiast with a clean record and a safety conscious attitude, you should consider finding a cool job as a range master.

Quick Facts About Firearms Range Master Jobs

Job Title: Firearms Range Master, Shooting Instructor
Office: Gun Range
Description: Oversee safe weapon use at a shooting range
Certifications/Education: Certified by NRA or other certifying body
Necessary Skills: Expert marksmanship, Knowledge of all types of guns, Clean record
Potential Employers: Gun ranges, Shooting range gun clubs, or Police forces
Pay: $24.85 to $30.02 per hour or $51,690.08 or $62,431.20 per year

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