Celebrity Realty TV Shows

Although for many the goal of being on reality TV is to become famous, for celebrities it is often about other things. What exactly?

Celebrity Reality TV Shows Give Viewers an Insight into the Lives of Various Celebrities

Setting the record straight, providing insight into their lives, to be seen differently in the eyes of the public, money? Whatever the reason, there are a slew of reality TV programs that involve celebrities.

Celebrity reality TV has been an interesting phenomenon because people are so interested in the lives of celebrities. So when given the chance to see what is going on ‘behind the big screen’ in a sense, the shows are usually a hit. Celebrity reality TV programs are shows that highlight an aspect of a celebrity’s life or career in documentary-style formatting for the viewers. In many cases, the show does follow an outline, but this is mostly to give each episode structure rather than have a show based only on the day-to-day of a celebrity or celebrity family.

Some popular Celebrity reality TV shows include: Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The Ashlee Simpson Show, Newly Weds: Jessica and Nick, The Osbournes, Hogan Knows Best, Living Lohan, The Surreal Life, The Anna Nicole Show, Dancing With The Stars, Celebrity Fit Club and Chaotic. In most instances these shows highlight celebrity life as it normally is however, in instances such as Dancing With The Stars or Celebrity Fit Club, celebrities are seen competing in an environment as normal or average citizens might compete. In a sense, the subcategory of reality TV involving celebrity is any show that shows a celebrity not playing a character for film or other purpose.

Working In Celebrity Reality TV

While working in TV is a dream come true for many people, working in reality TV as a celebrity mainly involves already having celebrity status. As such, finding jobs that are on screen in celebrity reality TV are among the most difficult to procure and your chances of finding work in this industry greatly increase if you are looking for work behind the scenes, have experience in the industry or are a celebrity yourself.

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