Reality Television Criticisms

The popularity of reality television might lend itself to an overwhelming positive effect on the entertainment industry and overall general praise.

Actors and Actresses Criticize Reality TV Shows Because it Means Less Work for Them

While to network officials and those who benefit from high ratings this is largely the case, there has been a lot of negative criticism surrounding the industry of reality TV.

Reality television criticism ranges extensively. One such complaint is from professional actors and writers in the industry. As the surge in popularity from reality television has gained speed, this means more shows based on reality television and less programs based on the skills or talents of actors. As such, many actors and writers are complaining that the popularity of reality TV means less work for the thousands who have poured their life and soul into the industry for years prior.

Reality television criticisms also hover around how well reality television actually portrays reality. Many shows that appear to be reality based have strict scripts that dictate the flow of the show. The Hills is one such popular reality television show that has garnered a lot of criticism for this very thing. The show claims to follow the lives of the young Hollywood elite, however the show is largely scripted and the schools many of the girls attend and other such aspects of the show are entirely fabricated.

On top of this, reality television shows usually portray people in a heightened state of reality to the point of it almost being fiction. Thus, the premise behind many shows has garnered criticisms based on how fabricated the portrayed reality actually is. Additionally, through editing film crews are able to portray a situation that might have been largely underplayed in real life for the purpose of portraying drama.

Thus, reality television criticisms based on the un-reality of what people are watching is a common argument within the industry and among critics.

Lastly, reality television is very voyeuristic. One reality show called TMZ, follows paparazzi around as they harass actors and actresses for photos. The show reveals the great extent the paparazzi goes to in order to capture the lives of actors. Additionally many reality television shows are highly dramatic. This is mostly because drama sells. Thus there are many shows that people argue highlight shallow, superficial or unflattering aspects of society.

Naturally where there are critics there are also those who sing its praises, and so while criticisms exist, people both inside and out of this very popular industry praise reality television’s many programs.

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