Reality Television Auditioning

Auditioning Live vs. Auditioning via Mail

Auditioning live for Reality TV and auditioning by mail for Reality TV both have their pros and cons. In this section we outline what some of the positives and negatives are behind auditioning for Reality TV through each of these popular venues.

There are Various Pros and Cons to Auditioning In Person

Live Reality TV Auditions – Pro

Many people consider auditioning in person to offer a great advantage to auditioning through the mail or online. Being able to meet the judges face to face, express your self in person and to audition as people see you everyday is greatly considered an advantage. Additionally, most auditions that are held in person will give you some indication as to whether or not you will be moving on in the competition. This allows you to make concrete plans and decisions regarding your future in Reality TV without waiting long periods of time to find out the outcome of your reality television audition.

Live Auditions – Con

While many people consider auditioning in person a huge one-up on the competition there are some distinct cons about auditioning live. One such con is the amount of time and money it can take to simply audition. If you want to be seen live by the judges you first have to travel to the closest audition point. While there are often times locations near your city, it is more likely that if you don’t live in a major city, particularly New York or Los Angeles, that you might be in for some long travel times. This can mean plane tickets, time off work, gas money, hotels and other expenses just for a chance at auditioning. Also, live auditions usually see crowds of as many as thousands of people at a time.

Thus, your travel time is increased by the amount of time you spend waiting to audition.

Mail In or Video Reality TV Show Auditions – Pro

Mailing in or applying online for your reality television audition can save incredible time and money when searching for work in Reality TV. Completing your application at home, creating your video and the time it takes to execute all of these factors, is infinitely less expensive than driving, flying, the time off work and staying out of town just to audition.

Mail In or Video Auditions – Con

The converse of many people thinking live auditions are a huge one up is that video, online, or mail-in applications are often considered a disadvantage. Not being able to see, meet and express your self in person for many people means a missed opportunity. Additionally you usually have to wait longer periods of time in finding out whether or not you will be selected or moving forward in the show.

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